Cronus Consult Incorporation

Trusted relation

We work in small custom-built teams to give our clients the best results. We invest time and resources in getting to know your organisation and building relationships with the key players. We are confident that our wide experience in diverse fields, and with a variety of clients, gives us a distinct advantage and this is reflected in the track record of our corporate team and in the quality assurances we offer to all our clients.


Services for foreigners

  • Residence permit for people who are not working
  • Naturalization
  • Labour market inspection
  • Perpetuation of a Swiss residence permit in case of a longer stay abroad
  • Advice on Swiss minimum salary recommendations
  • Advice on the extension of a Swiss residence permit in case of unemployment


Our benefits

  • Specialists and legal advisors

  • Mandate based services

  • No hidden fees

  • Discretion & independence

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